A Waltz through the Hills

Produced by Barron Films, directed by Frank Arnold Based on A Waltz Through the Hills by Gerald Glaskin

Blonde - 2001

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Clowning Around 1 & 2 1991-93

Clowning Around was produced by Barron Films in Perth, Western Australia. The series was directed by George Whaley and based on the book by David Martin.

Correlli - 1995

ABC - Television series

Good Guys, Bad Guys - 1997

Good Guys, Bad Guys was filmed in Melbourne, Victoria around the inner-city of St. Kilda, Fitzroy and Carlton as well as outer communities. The Australian crime series televised on the Nine Network between 1997 and 1998.,_Bad_Guys

Halifax f.p. II

Halifax f.p. was produced by Roger Le Mesurier & Roger Simpson and created by Roger Simpson. The TV series was set in Melbourne, Victoria and surrounding locals.

Haydaze - 1990

Produced by Barron Films and Network Ten Producers: Paul Barron, Roz Berrystone Directors: Chris Langman, Paul Moloney, David Rapsey

Jackaroo - 1990

Jackaroo is a story of love, jealousy, greed and revenge. Set against the backdrop of the Australian Outback, and the white man\'s grab for mineral wealth. Meekatharra and Cue were the general locations and about an 8 hour drive from Perth. Temperatures were in the high 30’s Celsius (110F).

Kangaroo Palace - 1997

Kangaroo Palace was written by Deborah Cox & Andrew Knight, Directed by Robert Marchand. Produced by Ewan Burnett and filmed in Victoria, Australia and London, England.

Kicking Around mini-series 1982

The award winning 10 part television mini-series about a group of teenage boys from the "wrong side of the tracks" who decide to form their own soccer team. Exec. Producer Paul Barron-Producers David Rapsey & Pam Borain-Directors David Rapsey & Steve Jodrell-D.O.P. Ian Pugsley. Filmed in Perth, Western Australia

Old Sam, Jasper & Mr. Frank

A Short film produced by Film Australia/Realworld Pictures with SBS as part of the television series \"Under The Skin\"

Queen Kat, Carmel & St Jude - 1999

Produced by Chris Warner of Trout Films for the ABC and directed by Moira Moss, written by author Maureen McCarthy and scripted by Meagan Smith. Filmed in and around Melbourne and the countryside.

Ship to Shore

Produced by Barron Films Series devised by: David Rapsey Executive Producer: Paul D. Barron Producers: David Rapsey, Barbi Taylor Co-Executive Producers: Peter Jackson, Bevan Lee, Rolf Ernst, Theresa Plummer-Andrews Composer: Greg Schultz

Something in the Air

A Beyond Simpson Le Mesurier and MBP in association with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Original Concept by: Roger Simpson Developed by: Roger Simpson and Robyn Sinclair Executive Producers: Sue Masters, Mikael Borglund, Rainer Mockert Producers: Roger Le Mesurier, Roger Simpson Produced by: Ros Tatarka

The Great Gold Swindle

The Great Gold Swindle is a 1984 Australian TV movie based on the Perth Mint Swindle. It was shot on location in Perth, Western Australia. Directed by John Power and written by David White; featuring John Hargreaves, Tony Rickards, Robert Hughes, Bryan Marshall, Chris Haywood, Steve Jodrell, Robert Faggetter and Bill McCluskey. These photographs are the only ones in the collection.

Tracks of Glory - 1992

Tracks of Glory was a 1992 Australian mini -series set in 1903 about the visit of the American cyclist Major Taylor to Australia to compete in the worlds richest cycling event of its time and his rivalry with Australian cyclist Don Walker. Directed by Marcus Cole and produced by Damien Parer and Paul D. Barron.The book Major Taylor in Australia was written by Jim Fitzpatrick and the screenplay was written by Tony Morphett.

Tribe - 1999 mini-series

Filmed on location in Queensland, Australia

Wise Up

WISE UP - ABC TV 1994 Ivo Burum - producer & writer Hosted by Jon Faine The overall series consists of 10 episodes about Sex, HomeBase, Policing (examines young peoples rights, responsibilities and dealings with the police and the law), Schools Out, Gangs, Drugs, Abortion, Positive Living, Drink Drunk and divorce. This is a Youth driven discussion program, drama is used to demonstrate issues.